Your Wellness and Fertility Platform

    Building an Africa free of the stigma of Infertility

    WellFert was inspired by entrepreneur Daniel Agaruwa, after years of experience in commercial medicine and the world of pharmaceuticals especially in the area of fertility medicine. Every time Daniel came across individuals or couples with fertility-related questions or issues. He felt the deep pain and frustration behind their voices. All they wanted was more knowledge and solutions without breaking the bank.

    This is the average case of 1 in 6 couples who have painted a picture of starting a family and having kids at a specific time. But conception seems impossible after months and years of trying. In some cases, this dream is hindered by the traditional and complex systems of fertility care in Africa, which has become very insufficient in providing health solutions to individuals with fertility challenges.

    WellFert was born leveraging technology and the existence of an already established pharmaceutical business background to provide sustainable solutions, for individuals facing health issues, with a core focus on Fertility.

    Wellfert Wellness and Fertility