Your Wellness and Fertility Platform

    Our Values


    As health service providers we do not take serving you for granted. We know the only way in achieving our vision is through your trust in our brand. One of the ways we create a trustworthy environment is by communicating only facts verified by various medical professionals who have diverse years of experience. We ensure we are authentic in our communications, especially in this era of promotion driven marketing. We strongly believe in authenticity


    We know our services at WellFert has a huge impact on your health and lifestyle. Due to this fact, we hold on to honesty as one of the core values of WellFert. How do we practice this? By keeping our word and commitments, by taking responsibility for our actions, and by being transparent.

    Strong Mental Health

    We know the importance of having good mental health. We ensure our team has access to tools and resources that can keep them fit mentally, to serve you the best way possible. We also know health challenges take its toll on the mind. Knowing this, we deliberately ensure our communications are centered around things that will uplift you regardless of your health challenge.

    Effective Communication

    Understanding medical languages can be complicated especially for patients who do not understand the root or implications of their health challenges. In addition to the generic attention given to people who can’t afford the premium health care services. We strive to be different, by ensuring every single user of our platform gets the adequate services they need to improve their current challenges.


    We are a community-driven brand. We strive to connect with every single person differently to create a safe space where everyone can be free to talk about fertility issues which usually are ‘forbidden’ issues to talk about due to cultural stigma. We know how the issue of infertility is a ‘taboo’ in Africa and how women and even men get shamed by not conceiving at the ‘appropriate time’. We wish to create a community where everyone can be safe to express their challenges and get the help they deserve through our platform conveniently