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    Paths to improving your fertility
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    Paths To Improving Your Fertility

    Dealing with infertility can be energy sapping. Yet, there is no room for backing out and this is why you must keep doing your best for better days are here.

    There are some ways in which you can boost your chances of conception. Yes, effective and simple paths to improving your fertility. Let us discuss a few ways to improve your fertility.

    What are the paths to improving your fertility?
    Stay healthy

    You must understand that you owe yourself and your unborn babies your sound health. You just cannot afford to be unhealthy. Staying healthy will mean that:

    eating very well
    • You are eating very well. Foods rich in antioxidants like vegetables, grains, nuts, as well as fruits are beneficial to improving fertility. Do not starve yourself of good food. Remember, your health comes first on this journey.

    taking supplements
    • You are taking supplements. Supplements are essential intakes to improving fertility, although you must ensure whatever supplement you are using is prescribed by your doctor.

    • You are exercising. Exercising keeps you charged up and on the go. Experts have said that moderate physical activities have positive effects on improving fertility in men and women. Creating time for exercise is not exclusive to women only; it includes men too.

    Educate yourself
    Educate yourself

    While recognizing the fact that fertility issue is a crisis on its own, acquiring adequate knowledge about your health and fertility is vital. Go all out to know what to do and how to do around your fertility. Find out as much information as possible about issues in and around fertility; as a man, a woman, and as couples.

    Wellfert is a brand that provides you a space to avoid the information dump and confusion from using Google, as well as cultural myths. We are a brand to trust for precise answers to fertility-related questions.

    Visit your consultant on a regular basis
    Visit your consultant on a regular basis

    Regular visit to your consultant can keep you abreast of the circumstance and consistent check-ups will enable you receive medical advice. You can actually get support from our professionals at Wellfert.

    Maintain an open mind
    Maintain an open mind

    Optimism is great, but do not push yourself too much. Keep an open mind. Follow advices from your consultant and be optimistic about the process because your mind plays a huge role on this journey to conception. Concentrate on the present and the future. Be egg-cited about the future because the better days are just around the corner.

    Avoid toxic gatherings
    Avoid toxic gatherings

    Do you often hear more communications around babies and conception, be quick to avoid such gatherings. While it is okay to stay happy about the success of others, never underestimate the hurtful feeling baby-focused discussions and activities can cause you. Healthy relationships will do you a lot of good. Keep healthy relationships.

    Re-affirm your commitment and love to your partner
    Re-affirm your commitment and love to your partner

    It takes two to make a baby; and of course, it takes two to form a family. You are never alone on this journey. Re-affirm your commitment and love to your partner as much as you can. Don’t give in to the feeling that your husband is so strong that he doesn’t cry secretly or feel hurt about his inability to impregnate you. Men cry too! Men feel pains too. Some women also act like they are fine whereas they hurt inwardly; always remember the love and commitment that led you into starting this journey together.

    What is her love language? Do you still remember? What is his love language? Alright, get back to showing consistent re-affirmation of you being in the boat with them through the thick and thin.

    It’s a soothing feeling really. It heals like balm. Whisper ‘I love you’ as much as you can.

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    The cultural stigma of the delay in conception can lead to mental health issues such as depression, hatred, and so on. Wellfert creates a safe space that helps minimize this stigma by sharing different experiences, facts, and solutions that will aid your conception journey.

    For more inquiries about your fertility journey, do not forget to fill our fertility test form, as well as book a consultation with our professionals. Visit our website. You can also send a mail to Follow our social media pages @wellfert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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