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    Erectile Dysfunction and Male Fertility (Part 2): How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Male Fertility

    A man can only get his partner pregnant when he produces healthy sperm, the healthy sperm are carried into the semen, there is enough sperm in the semen and the sperm must be able to move. [Fun fact: At least one of a male’s testicles must be functioning optimally for the body to produce testosterone.] […]

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    Erectile Dysfunction and Male Fertility (Part 1)

    “Impotence” – The word a lot of men worldwide dread to be associated with in their health and lifetime. This is the term that is currently referred to as “Erectile dysfunction” in today’s world. [Fun fact: “Impotence” was changed to the word “erectile dysfunction” in 1992 (BJUInternational)s] Simply put, erectile dysfunction is the inability to […]

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