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    Obstacles to fertility breakthrough
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    Obstacles to Fertility Breakthrough

    Infertility sucks. The journey to conception is really never smooth, so when people say things like “just adopt,” “you push too hard,” “my husband looks at me and I conceive instantly,” and all manner of appalling words, sometimes you can only sneer.

    We must keep in mind that infertility can be caused by one or both partners, and sometimes the cause of infertility can also be unknown. Various factors can become obstacles to a fertility breakthrough. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to feel guilty or take the blame while struggling with this challenge.

    Obstacles refer to barriers, hindrances, or constraining factors that can make fertility issues seem impossible to overcome.

    In this article, you will learn about certain barriers that can hinder fertility breakthroughs, such as lack of information, financial constraints, age, ovulation problems, implantation problems, and so on.

    Obstacles to fertility breakthrough include:

    Lack of Information

    The importance of proper information cannot be overemphasized. It is not uncommon that a large number of people are unaware of major facts about infertility. Some people have given up on breaking through this challenge, having believed numerous myths about infertility. Lack of access to information on fertility and infertility, as well as misinformation, can hurt your chances of conception.

    Therefore, acquiring adequate knowledge about fertility and infertility can enable you to take the proper steps to improve your fertility. It is vital to note that all information should be double-checked to avoid being a victim of false information spreading across the internet today.

    Financial Constraints

    No doubt some processes of improving fertility can be expensive; but sometimes, the cost of consultations and treatments may not be as expensive as you think. The quicker you take steps to increase the chances of your conception, the less expensive the cost. The danger of “what ifs” is that you will not take the required steps and this can further delay or hinder your chances of fertility breakthrough. Whichever way, the goal is to improve your chances; therefore, it is worth a try.


    A major factor contributing to infertility is your age. Experts have shown that fertility declines with age. herefore, to say ‘I can decide when to have kids when I am ready no matter my age” is a fertility myth. Research shows that a woman’s fertility begins to decline, beginning at the age of 35, which means the quality and quantity of her eggs become affected, thereby hindering conception. It is, therefore, inadvisable to ignore the age factor on the journey of fertility.

    Ovulation Problem

    Problems arising from ovulation can also be an obstacle to fertility breakthrough. Hormonal imbalance an prevent the maturity of eggs and also prevent the release of eggs.

    Implantation Problem

    Problems with implantation can be another barrier to fertility breakthrough. After fertilization, an embryo is expected to implant in the uterus, but sometimes, this implantation may not occur in the uterus, so the embryo is located outside. One of such cases is the ectopic pregnancy, in which the pregnancy is located outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. Light vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain are early warnings of ectopic pregnancy. Extreme lightheadedness, fainting, and shock are emergency symptoms of this type of pregnancy. Problems with implantation are usually a result of problems with the shape, size, or lining of the uterus.

    Lifestyle matters

    Numerous lifestyle habits and matters stand as obstacles to fertility; this infers that such can be changed by choices and behaviours. These include improper diets, stress, excessive intake of alcohol, drug abuse, Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and overweight. These issues can affect both men and women.

    Sperm Problems and erectile dysfunction

    Sperm problems such as low sperm count (oligospermia) and No sperm count at all (azoospermia) are major factors that inhibit fertility success. Experts have affirmed that the normal sperm per milliliter is from 15million to a 39million per ejaculation. This means anything less than that could be a reason for infertility. Erectile dysfunction, that is, the inability to get or keep an erection of the penis long enough to have intercourse can also be a barrier to fertility breakthrough.

    Source: Mayo Clinic & UC SanDiegoHealth

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