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    Retrograde Ejaculation
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    Retrograde Ejaculation: Most Likely The Reason Why You Cannot Impregnate Your Wife

    It’s a good day to talk about ejaculation. Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for sperm to go elsewhere in the body instead of coming out of the male reproductive organ?

    Possible or impossible?

    Let’s take you through a journey and let’s learn. Ready? Patiently follow through.

    Let’s start out with the meaning of ejaculation.

    What is Ejaculation?

    During orgasm, semen is discharged. This discharge of semen is known as ejaculation. So, ejaculation is the discharge or the release of semen during orgasm. Semen is that thick fluid that comes out of the penis during sexual intercourse and the sperm is usually found in it. Semen will usually travel through the urethra through the penis to the outside part of the man’s body.

    We know it is very normal for ejaculation to occur during sexual intercourse. It is usually the natural objective of sexual stimulation in males.

    What Then Is Retrograde Ejaculation?

    Interestingly, there are conditions in which the sperm does not come out through the male reproductive organ during orgasm. Odd right? well, yes. In this situation, the semen travels back into the bladder instead of going through the urethra during orgasm. This process is known as Retrograde Ejaculation or dry orgasm.

    Retrograde ejaculation therefore is the condition in which sperm ejaculates into the bladder rather than going out through the penis.

    Although this is neither painful nor harmful but for couples who want to have a child, it can be a very painful and saddening experience. Retrograde ejaculation is one of the major causes of infertility. This therefore means that when you experience this, it is advisable to visit your health specialist.

    What Could Possibly Cause Retrograde Ejaculation?
    • Certain conditions such as:
    • Problem with production of sperm
    • Prostate or bladder removal
    • Prostate or bladder surgery
    • Use of blood pressure medications
    • Use of depressants
    • Injury or damage of the nerves
    • Diabetes

    How Do I Know I’m Suffering From This Disease? What Are The Symptoms Of Retrograde Ejaculation?

    Men with retrograde ejaculation may experience the following symptoms:

    • Production of little or no sperm during orgasm
    • Your wife is unable to conceive
    • Cloudy urine after sex

    Is Retrograde Ejaculation The End Of The World? Is It Treatable? Can One Who Experiences This Still Be A Father?

    The good news is that retrograde ejaculation has a cure. Someone suffering from azoospermia (that is, no sperm) can be helped. So, one suffering from retrograde ejaculation can definitely be helped. Yes, retrograde ejaculation is treatable. Talk to a specialist.

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