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    Supporting a Friend Who Has Fertility Issues
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    Supporting a Friend Who Has Fertility Issues 

    It is not unusual for people struggling with infertility to feel uncomfortable discussing with friends or family how they feel and what they are going through. Sometimes, it is the fear of being embarrassed, mocked, or stigmatized.

    Is it proper to say nothing when someone comes to tell you about their fertility issue? That would be embarrassing, right?

    What if you had to say something and it sounded awful to the person? This would be more embarrassing too, right?

    So, what is the best way out? What should you say and how can you support someone struggling with infertility?

    Here are a few ways you can:

    One of several ways is important to educate yourself on fertility and infertility related issues from reliable and verified sources. Learning the basics of infertility and fertility is important and will enable you or any individual provide adequate support in a warm and understanding manner when anyone with such a challenge walks up to you seeking your counsel.


    Becoming sensitive to the fact that he or she struggling with infertility has entrusted and shared such a personal information about them with you. Appreciating the trust the person has in you might be a good way to start off the conversation. Most often than not it reassures them they are in a safe place to open up further.

    Thirdly, be empathetic; say the right words, such as:

    “I’m so sorry you are going through this.” can be soothing to a person going through this difficult time. It shows you are empathetic to the person’s situation.

    Other words you can use include:

    • “I’m here for you.” You are not alone.
    • I am here to listen to you any day and anytime.
    • How would you want me to support you?
    • You’re so strong! Despite what you are going through, you have shown so much strength.
    • You did nothing wrong.
    • Trust me this is going to pass.
    • Can I pray with you?…

    These highlighted statements above will go a long way toward showing the desired empathy for him or her.

    Here are some of the things you should you not say to anyone going through fertility/infertility challenge(s):

    • Maybe it is not in God’s plan.
    • What if you are not doing something right?
    • Why not try to shed weight?
    • I get pregnant when my husband just looks at me.
    • Why don’t you just adopt
    • You guys don’t have kids because…
    • Carry my baby so it can rub off on you.
    • Just relax it will happen
    • One day you will understand.
    • I know you are tired, but not like “parent tired”.

    To wrap up, show them you care, request to help with their chores, to run errands for them, to take them out, and to try to distract them from thoughts about their situation (though the distraction can be for a very short time, it could help).

    Ask them if you can attend difficult appointments with them.

    Sometimes, you may say things that may be hurtful accidentally. Do well to apologize the moment you notice such.

    Source: Verywell family.

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