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    7 Myths about infertility
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    7 Myths About Infertility

    The easiest thing to do is to blame certain factors for your infertility, but thank goodness for science-based facts that help us debunk them. We’ll take you through a few today.

    1. Infertility is a female problem.

    Huge myth.

    Because the woman is the one who physically carries a child during pregnancy, it is easy to believe something is wrong with her when a couple is experiencing delays. At Wellfert, we know better. We know that men and women equally go through fertility problems.

    2. An erection means a man is fertile

    Very big myth.

    An erection is a sign of a healthy libido, but not a sign of a fertile man. You could have an erection every day for 365 days a year and still be unable to get a woman pregnant because of poor sperm quality

    3. Too much sex can decrease sperm count


    A man’s supply of sperm gets replenished every 64 days (Healthline) even though the male body produces fresh sperm every day. No matter how many times you have sex, your sperm count cannot be affected, unless there is a medical condition involved, namely, Oligospermia or Azoospermia.

    4. Legs up in the air will help the sperm get to the egg


    Gravity has no impact on the reproductive process. The sperm cells have no eyes but as soon as they are ejaculated into the female body, they can navigate their way through the near-hostile conditions of the female reproductive tract, and by responding to chemical receptors on the egg, they make their way to the fallopian tubes and find the waiting egg. Remember that many people get pregnant in different sex positions – standing, bending over,… you know the rest.

    5. IVF is 100% sure

    Absolute myth.

    IVF, even with the best medical team, IVF has about a 35% chance of success. This is higher than a spontaneous conception (which is about a 25% chance with each cycle). IVF increases the chances- but does not give a total guarantee.

    6. Just relax your mind and it will happen when you least expect


    This piece of advice implies that the couple is adding to their infertility issue by being anxious about it. Being worried and concerned is normal, so before you guilt-trip the next TTC couple you speak to, put yourself in their shoes. They don’t need to hear that from you. When next you’re around a TTC couple, try to be more understanding and sensitive

    7. A woman is infertile because she had multiple sex partners

    Myth of myths!

    Women have taken the hit so bad, they are even blamed for their choice of lifestyle. While we align with the ABCs of having sex (Abstinence, Being faithful and Condom usage), we can also boldly say that infertility is not a punishment for being sexually “active” at some point in one’s life, male or female. Don’t let society guilt-trip you!

    What do you think about today’s topic? We look forward to reading from you.

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